Blue moon sound Exploration

  • Lasts 60 minutes
We invite you on a celestial journey to immerse yourself in the magical benefits of sound healing led by our Birch Resident Sound Alchemist & Movement Artist Mela Fismer @mysticmela.

Mela weaves a sound scape using a combination of Shamanic Drumming, Feathers & Rattles to induce a light to deep trance state, journeying to unknown landscapes & visualising colours & sacred geometry. Followed by Planetary & Wind Gongs to bring about a feeling of harmony & cellular regeneration. The Alchemy Crystal Bowls will heighten your innate intuition and bring about a deeper connection to spirit and awaken the wisdom within.

The harmonious blend of gongs, crystal singing bowls, and chimes work synergistically to clear stagnant energy and harmonise the subtle energy centres within your body. This process supports the free flow of life force energy, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a transcendent symphony of celestial harmony as the Sturgeon Super Blue Moon graces our night sky.
From £35.00