Moving into Virgo Yin yoga and sound

  • Lasts 90 minutes
Senior Yoga Teacher & Sound Therapist Mela Fismer @mysticmela guide you through a deeply therapeutic yin yoga practice accompanied by a specially selected ambient soundscape comprised of binaural tones to facilitate deep healing. You will then be bathed in Sound from head to toe which will leave you feeling refreshed & renewed.

Yin Yoga is a non-depleting slow-paced style of yoga that uses seated and supine postures held for longer periods of time, and often supported by props. The longer holds serve to strengthen the fascia, ligaments and tendons (connective tissue) of the body. Yin is especially beneficial for those of us who find it difficult to switch off. Especially in this day and age where it feels as if our nervous systems are under attack, it is the perfect antidote.

The second half of this workshop will involve doing absolutely nothing, which in itself is extremely healing. You will be bathed in the magical frequencies of planetary & wind gongs, alchemy crystal sound bowls, ocean drums, rain sticks & Koshi chimes. Sound is fundamental to creation.

The universe is a cosmic symphony singing a song to the creator. Our unique rule is to play our particular note as perfectly as possible to make the creation complete. This translates as be who you are and we can only truly be who we are when we are feeling in tune. Just like an instrument, so come and tune your instrument with yin & sound.
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