Harvest New Moon Cocoa Ceremony

  • Lasts 90 minutes
Join our Birch Resident Sound Healer & Movement Artist for an evening to celebrate The Harvest New Moon ~ This moon represents the end of a six-month cycle, and the start of a new one. What have you been toiling away at tirelessly? Now is your time to reap the fruits of your labour. Mela will create a safe place to open your heart and share your light in Ceremony with Ceremonial Cacao, Sharing Circle, Oracle Guidance, Shakti Dance & supported with the healing sounds of planetary gongs, alchemy crystal bowls and an assortment of otherworldly vibrations.

Cacao is a sacred plant medicine used in ceremony for its heart opening effects as well as many other health benefits. One of the active ingredients is theobromine which translates as “food of the gods”. It also acts as a natural antidepressant. Theobromine creates more of a relaxed effect and relieves us from stress.

Movement has always been a way of expressing and moving energy. It’s a way to alchemise our emotions and direct them though the mode of movement out of or into the body. The body is our vehicle for experiencing this world and therefore it is through this vehicle, we can become more self-aware, more present, more alive. Through embodied movement, we can discover new parts of ourselves. We can transform our past, present and future relationships to our body, heart, mind, and spirit. We can discover and deepen our relationship to ourselves, each other, our communities and the world.

We live in a vibrational universe. Modern science has proven that everything is always in a state of vibration. From the movements of the planets to the beating of our heart, every atom, cell, tissue, organ, and bone in our bodies is vibrating and that vibration produces sound, whether or not the sound is audible to the human ear. Each of these parts of our body are vibrating at a specific rate, that together creates your own resonant frequency. When you’re in a state of health and vitality, you are actually vibrating at a specific rate. When you become stressed, sick, or simply feel out of balance, your frequency changes, literally causing internal and external dis-harmony.

It makes sense then that if we are all vibrating with sound, we can use it to promote health in our lives. Through sound, we can change the rhythms of our brain waves, our heartbeat and our respiration affecting our overall health not just on a physical level, but emotionally and spiritually as well.
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